Monday, June 29, 2009

"Throw the mattress on the bathtub"

Growing up in tornado alley, I was accustomed to wild weather. When thinking of a title for this blog, the images of quirky quotations from others came to mind. What clever saying should I qoute to express where this writing may follow? I thought of movies, songs and books. And then I thought why am I trying to express myself under someone elses words? How do I describe myself in my own terms. Which is when I thought of my experience of being trapped in a bathtub under a mattress riding out a tornado, huddled under metal and cloth waiting for the storm to pass. Hence the title of my blog. The storms come and they pass. It's the way you protect yourself that is the interesting part.

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  1. OK--the mattress is on the tub. WRITE SOME MORE, PLEASE!!!